The numbers below provide information about our token allocations and locking/vesting periods.
  • 5% - Private
  • 10% - Public
  • 8% - Liquidity
  • 7% - Team Members including future
  • 2% - Advisors
  • 10% - Community
  • 8% - Marketing
  • 50% - Staking and trading rewards
About team members and future 100% will be locked for 2 years, and 10% unlocked each month thereafter


Merix offers numerous lucrative opportunities for its members to earn some profit. We will always be attentive to our community to find innovative ways for members to trade their unique assets in the market through the use of NFT's.
The balance between the virtual and physical world is fundamental, business networking Chapters can be structured by area where professionals can communicate with each other and obtain quality referrals, grow their contact network, obtain training and work in a perfect Ecosystem that enables to develop long-term and meaningful relationships.
Within the platform users will also be able to and according to their activity category create exclusive ASSETs that can be sold on the Network, ASSETs will be the most crucial element for some members to obtain even more monetary gains.


blockchain virtual tokens (using the ERC-721 standard for NFTs) representing physical parcels in the world. They allow users to own a portion of the land and thus be able to create network Chapters where whoose members do business beetween.


Merix will be equipped with a system that will allow Merixland owners to rent out their portions of land to other users to create other network chapters and charge them the rent as they wish. As there is a limited number of lands, new members will need a group to join, renting your lands can be extremely profitable by valuing the area not only by the number of members but also by increasing the volume of business transacted between them.


From time to time, the Merix team announces various token giveaways to their users. By interacting with the Merix.Network and completing all prerequisites, members have the opportunity to get a share of the total rewards. Last time, the developers announced an offer of 500,000 Merix tokens to hundreds of users who met all the requirements outside the network, but the next giveways will always be offered to all members exclusively inside the network.
Earned Merix tokens can be redeemed and players can use an ERC-20 compatible wallet (Polygon Network) to receive the money into their bank account. Merix Giveways are one of the easiest methods to win very lucrative prizes.
Communication User interaction is key to strengthening social and financial bonds between members, developers know this and are implementing some different forms of communication for everyone to use and get involved.

Liquidity Mining

Merix developers are creating our own liquidity mining platform inside Merix.Network that allows participants to provide liquidity and earn additional rewards with Merix. (all winning rates and penalties will be reported in the terms of use at the launch of the platform or in a subsequent version of our whitepaper)
To participate, users must deposit in a mine, on a page that will be available on our platform for that purpose.
  • Purchase your own Merix tokens
  • Fund liquidity.
  • Deposit these tokens on the portal to earn Merix rewards, to support our entire ecosystem.

Long term rewards

They are a valuable reward mechanism being built into the Merix.Network to encourage longer stakes There are 50,000,000,000 of Merix tokens that will be awarded over five years for stakes that are locked for the required amount of days or more. Users that stake on the long-term will be eligible to receive the first reward share.

Early Unstakes

This feature allows the user to unlock the amount he has wagered ahead of time, with a penalty.
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