Our ace team at Merix consists of top-class proficient, blockchain experts, professional networking specialists, marketers, developers, and designers who know this space inside and out. Marketing and cryptocurrency scenarios can change overnight, which is why the we chose a flexible team capable of adapting to all challenges.
Miguel Cruz - Top Merix - Linkedin
Miguel specializes in business prospecting and manages Merix's general operations. He seeks to create disruptive and innovative solutions driving the team toward success. With an insatiable passion for advancing the business, Miguel has proven himself to be a successful leader. He has been a member and director consulting at a leading referral marketing multinational. He manages two businesses, one in the field of technology and other in the beverage industry.
Fernando Amorim - Head of Growth
Fernando has a degree in pharmacy but it is as an entrepreneur in the wine sector using referral online marketing tools that he is successful. He specializes in growing online businesses quickly and creating communities with strong and lasting relationships, essential for the solid growth of any project.
Rui Magalhães - Lead Marketing
With more than 20 years of experience in project management and marketing, Rui Magalhães works to develop the best solutions for Merix. As an experienced and visionary marketing leader, Rui Magalhães brings his expertise to motivate his team for the highest level of performance.
Ricardo Silva - Dev Merix
Ricardo constantly improves Merix's technology and innovates to provide diverse transformative solutions, guiding the team in its visionary journey. With over 5 years of outstanding experience, Ricardo is a specialist in developing cloud solutions, has extensive experience as a mobile developer and is passionate about blockchain and cryptography.
Flexible Team - Design Merix
As the Design team is composed, created and funded by its community, it will always be flexible to ensure delivery of the absolute highest value to Merix's Community Investors.
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