This whitepaper is not intended to be a financial advisor or a solicitation to purchase any digital asset, token or financial instrument, nor is it a recommendation to purchase the Merixcoin (MERIX) token, or any other token that may be included in the Merix.Network.
This document is for informational purposes only. Before deciding to invest in any of our tokens or NFT's, please make sure you understand that this document.
We suggest that you keep yourself properly informed before deciding to invest in the Merix token or any other token or cryptocurrency.
There are risks involved in investing in cryptocurrencies - Merix token valuations can fluctuate due to market volatility.
Please note that we cannot guarantee any of the prices, values or allocations of the tokens. Users acknowledge that we have no power or influence over the tokens and, accordingly, we are not responsible for any losses incurred in the sale or exchange of tokens. We have no responsibility, obligation or duty to account for these matters in the near future.
All forecasts, ecosystem simulations, opinions and statements in this document are specific to Merix.Network and therefore subject to change.