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Merixcoin Introduction

Welcome to the Merixcoin - Whitepaper V1
A Decentralized Referral Marketing Ecosystem
Merix Coin is a 100% Decentralized Referral Marketing Ecosystem that enables to develop long-term, meaningful relationships, combined with an attractive reward mechanism and instant Staking liquidity.
Today, there are some monopolistic players in Referral-Based Marketing - Big players control several areas of activity and several geographic zones, and this makes it difficult for small players to enter the market. This model has not evolved over time, causing fatigue and low financial benefit to members, leading most current members to give up after the 2nd or 3rd year of membership.
There is currently a high initial cost for those who wants to be members of one of these referral Chapters and the annual renewal of membership is very high, there are also no passive and continuous gains in the current model, leading some professionals to question the real need to continue within these traditional networks by reduction or total absence of benefit over time.
To change the situation, the authors of the Merix.Network are developing a decentralized referral marketing platform, in which users will be able to place their needs, receive referrals, and after completing the deal effectively proven via payment for services using Merix, the user who referred the deal will be rewarded by the network.
The MerixNetwork will also include an NFT (MerixLand) where anyone can invest and designate themselves as the Master of a certain zone. Masters will receive a percentage reward for each referral successfully completed among users, belonging to any of the chapters in their zone or between zones.
The Master of each Zone will also be able to rent parts of their territory, receiving rewards for the valorization of their zone.
MerixCard is also one of the key elements of the Merix Network project. Those tradable NFTs are access cards that you can buy using $MERIX. Each MerixCard is minted as a pass that you can use to give and receive business referrals, and each has its own stats, such as identifying its activity category, validations and networking strength.
The more and better you interact with the Merix Network, you will achieve important goals over time, you will grow as a remarkable networker, thus being able to have access to Elite Networking groups with the ability to reference more and greater business among members.
The decentralized platform format was chosen due to the transparency of the procedures. With a decentralized protocol, we open up a huge range of possibilities for this type of marketing model. Where each user will be able to personally observe all the processes previously received and receive the gains honestly with total transparency.
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